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Exciting Changes to Steward Health Medical Scheme

30 Jan 2015

Your reliable Health Funder Steward Health is excited to reveal to you new developments in cover aimed at extending convenience to you.

Changes to the Classic Standard Cover Packages
Our classic and standard cover packages now give you access to general wards as follows. This ensures that members across the nation have access to hospitalisation services in private hospitals.

    • Classic – Access to General ward in a private hospital
    • Standard – Access to general ward in private hospitals grade B to F

Revised Monthly Subscription on the Starter Plan
The monthly subscription on our starter (entry package) has been revised downwards to $8. This package avails cover in government, mission and council facilities and has been made more affordable.

Billing Group

Subscription Rate per month



Child U 18


Child Abv18 (stdnt)


Waiting Period for Surgical Operations

The waiting period for surgical operations has been relaxed and aligned to the waiting period for hospitalisation.

Surgical Operations

6 months

Introduction of a Low Claims Bonus Benefit per family

The low claims bonus is introduced as reward mechanism for families with low levels of utilisation.

    • The bonus is for and after every three (3) years of active membership beginning January 2015.
    • The bonus will be paid for the family with a claims ratio of less than 65%.