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How to Join

    1. Steward Health Service Provider network affiliates will provide services to Members of Steward Health upon their satisfaction of their membership status.
    2. Service Providers will confirm benefit and tariff issues with Steward Health for services requiring authorisations
    3. Members may be asked for an upfront payment (co-payment) where the cost of treatment exceeds the maximum payable by Steward Health. For significant co-payments, Members are usually advised beforehand and may be afforded a payment plan option. For minimal co-payments, Members will be asked to pay before treatment.
    4. Should no review be required, Service Providers will submit the claim to Steward Health.
    5. Steward Health will pay Service Providers as per agreed timelines in Service Level Agreements.
    6. In emergencies or otherwise, where Service Providers may not have sought prior authorisation before treatment and claim submission, if the amount due exceeds the maximum payable by Steward Health, the Member will incur a shortfall. Service Providers will advise Members after receiving payment and payment details from Steward Health.