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School Cover


Steward Health introduces the Steward Health School Cover Scheme. This is an innovative and affordable way for schools to access medical cover for their students.

How It Works:

First, the School makes payments towards the Fund which are built into the school fees. The School will provide details of students to be covered each term and membership cards will be issued to the school in return. All membership cards remain in the custody of the school to ensure there is no misuse.

Steward Health guarantees payment in full to service providers within 21 to 30 working days of receipt of claims by the medical service provider.

Please note, the Steward Health School Cover will be in addition to any current cover held by the school or student.

Scheme Benefits

  • The Fund would cover:

(i)   Medical requirements which the sick bay is unable to attend to if the child/ pupil needs   medical attention within the school perimeter.

(ii)  Accidents and other unforeseen circumstances during travel from one school to another.

(iii) Sporting accidents

  • The School would be provided with 3 first aid kits which Steward Health would service annually.

Contributions and benefit limits per student per term are:

Type of School


Limit per term

Medical Facility









To find out more about these services, contact our customer representative using our online chat service. Alternatively, feel free to call us on our 24hr hotline: 0778 775 200-203.