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Steward Health is one of Zimbabwe’s leading and fastest growing medical health funders whose business model is based on principles of self-insurance.  Steward health offers a number of coverage and self-insurance fund options for corporates. 

What is it? 

Steward Health advises corporate clients to set up self-insurance funds to cater to their employees’ medical and dental expenses. The client, through a Board of Trustees, retains ownership of unclaimed contributions and investment income. It is a health fund product specifically designed for the employer who wants to take charge of funds set aside for its employees’ medical requirements. 

How it Works 

The Fund would be wholly owned by your organization. The employer makes monthly premium payments towards the Fund, with contributions comprising of employer and employee contributions in a ratio determined by the employer. 

Part of the unused contribution is then invested in secure investment vehicles available on the market. The employer has active participation in the management of its contributions through a Board of Trustees to ensure the highest levels of transparency. 

As part of the service, Steward Health will also produce a monthly report indicating the financial status of the Fund. 

The Steward Health guarantee is payment in full to Service Providers within 20-30 working days of receipt of claims by the medical Service Provider. 

What are the Fund Benefits? 

    • Product attributes are tailor-made to suit your requirements.
    • There is no discrimination against chronic medical conditions on joining the Fund or during membership.
    • Medical cover for those travelling out of the country can be arranged once Steward Health is advised of the impending trip.
    • You are free to add dependents of your choice to the Fund.
    • Unused contributions belong to the organization and are invested for growth. Depending on the claims ratio on the Fund, an annual bonus payment can be paid out from the accumulated Fund surpluses.
    • The employer has full control of the Fund through its appointed Board of Trustees, which administers the Fund.
    • Access to Steward Health’s extensive network of Service Providers who include general and specialist medical practitioners, ambulances, hospitals, X-rays, medical laboratories, opticians, dentists and pharmacies.
    • Quick claims turnaround time. 

To find out more about this service, contact our customer representative using our online chat service. Alternatively, feel free to call us on our 24hr hotline: 0778 775 200-203.