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Joining Steward Health

Q: Who is eligible for Steward Health cover?

A:Individual Members and Corporate bodies

  • An individual can join either as stand alone, or as a combined family unit.
  • A corporate entity can subscribe for its employees and dependants

Q: How do I join Steward Health Medical Scheme?

A: You can call us on (04) -791444, 253 675 700 628 or 0778 775 200-1 and we will send you the necessary documents. Our forms can be  downloaded from our website or from any of our branches


Q: How do I track the progress of my claim?

A: To track the progress of your claims, you can call 04) -791444, 253 675 700 628 or 0778 775 203 .

Q: How long do I have to submit a claim?

A: You must send us your claim within 3 months from the date you saw your service provider. The claim will be paid within 30 working days from submission date, subject to limits and maximum payable for that treatment by Steward Health. 

Q: If my service provider sends the claim to you do I also need to send a copy?

A: If your service provider has sent us the claim, you do not need to send us another copy. Please keep this copy for your records.

Q: Where do I send my claim?

A: You can send in your claims in one of these ways:

    • Claims drop-off boxes situated at medical practices, pharmacies and other Service Providers countrywide
    • Hand deliver the claims at our Head office: 5th Floor 101 Union Avenue Building Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Harare
    • Hand deliver the claims at our Bulawayo office:  Steward Bank Cnr 11th ave and 5 Street Bulawayo

Your cover

Q: How do I find a service provider who you have an agreement with?

A: The Service provider list is available on our website ( on the Tools menu.  It will show the contact details of comprehensive specialties and  facilities that members can be treated at upon presentation of a valid Steward Health membership card. Alternatively a member can scroll and select service type and location and the menu will provide details.

 You may request for a soft copy of the Service provider list on e-mail.

Q: How do you cover my procedure or treatment?

A: Steward Health covers each procedure according to the benefits available on your health plan. Steward Health members can call us to confirm admission to hospital and explanation on how your procedure will be covered.

Q: What do I need to do when I need to go to hospital?

A: Once you have seen the doctor and they have said it is necessary to go to hospital, call us on (04) -791444, 253 675 700 628 or 0778 775 200-1 to confirm your hospital admission at least 48 hours before you go in. 

Q: What about in an emergency?

A: In an emergency, go straight to hospital. Remember that you, a loved one or the hospital must let us know about your admission as soon as possible.

Q: What is the difference between a benefit and a limit?


    • A benefit is a pool of funds in a medical scheme reserved for specific healthcare services. For example, the Hospital Benefit pays for healthcare services when you are admitted to hospital as part of an approved admission.
    • A limit is the maximum amount or a cap on what we will pay for a particular type of healthcare service.
    • Benefit limits are NOT interchangeable.

Q: Why do you have agreements with service providers?

A: We enter into agreements with service providers to ensure certainty of cover for our members.

Q: When do I access Accident and Emergency Rooms Services?

A: A&ERs are specifically for accidents and emergencies. Steward Health is not obliged to honour claims for non-emergency treatment.

Q: What is a co-payments and a shortfall?

A: A co-payment and a shortfall are the same. One will face a co-payment in the following instances:

    • Where a member’s benefit has been exhausted and the limit available is not enough to cover a procedure
    • When the amount due for a treatment exceeds the maximum payable by Steward Health.

Products & Services

Q: What products does Steward Health offer?

A: Steward Health offers 4 main products, namely:

    • Steward Health Fund for Corporates and Groups.  This is the Self-insured scheme
    • Steward Health Scheme - Corporates, Groups and Individuals, the insurance scheme
    • School Cover - specifically designed for schools
    • International Travel Cover

Q: How many packages does Steward Health have?

A: Steward Health offers 6 Packages namely:

    • Royal – Treatment in South Africa at Netcare Group of Hospitals;
    • Gold – GP’s, specialists and Private hospitals with access to private ward;
    • Blue – GP’s, specialists and Private hospitals;
    • Green – GP’s, specialists and Grade C hospitals;
    • Silver – GP’s, specialists and Grade C hospitals;
    • Copper – Council, mission and government facilities.

Q: What products and services do you offer that makes you different from other health funders?


    • Our Self-insured products, these are tailor-made for each corporate
    • We give our members regular feedback in terms of performance of such funds

Q: Are there any waiting periods? If so,why?

A: Waiting periods will vary from 3 to 24 months, depending on the service.  These are mainly applicable to the Steward Health Scheme.  For the Self-insured Scheme, waiting periods will depend on the cover chosen by the corporate.  In most instances, there will be no waiting periods on services.

Q: Where is the Steward Health card accepted (in Zimbabwe and internationally?)

A: Extensive Service provider list

Travelling outside of Zimbabwe

Q: Am I covered by my medical scheme whilst outside of Zimbabwe?

A: Generally foreign treatment using the card will require preauthorization. Should a member access foreign treatment using cash, the claims will be reimbursed  at the reference tariff and up to category limit. Steward Health as an agent of BUPA, facilitates International Travel arrangements.

Q:What are my options?


    • Steward Health is an agent of BUPA International, an international health organization offering travel cover worldwide. We are able to arrange International Travel Cover for all our members.
    • Please call us on (04) -791444, 253 675 700 628 or 0778 775 200-1 or email for more information.


Q: How do I get proof of membership?

A: Steward Health members who need proof of membership can get a copy of a membership certificate from any of our branches.

Having a baby

Q: How do I register my newborn baby?

A: You need to complete a newborn application form and submit it any Steward Health branch.