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About Us

About Us

Steward Health is a leading  provider in tailor made medical insurance solutions.

Our journey began in 2006 as TN Medical, then a subsidiary of TN Financial Holding P/L and we have continued to grow to become a 100% subsidiary of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd on 1st March 2014. In line with our affiliation we rebranded to Steward Health, continuing to build on the outstanding work and service already being provided.. The new name reflects the company’s affiliation with the Econet Wireless ‘Steward’ financial services portfolio, as well as its aspiration to act as a responsible ‘steward’ to its customers.

Our Relationship with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd 
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd, (EWZL) is a public listed company, on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, it is a subsidiary of a privately held international group called Econet Wireless Global, which is registered in Mauritius. Econet Wireless Global has operations, and business interests, in more than 17 countries around the world, including Zimbabwe. More information about EWG may be obtained on its website (, or its South African head office. Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd, operates only in Zimbabwe, and has no businesses, operations or investments, outside Zimbabwe. 

Our Vision, Mission and Values


To provide health funding solutions and associated services of an international standard.


Maintaining ingenuity, sustainability and reliability in all we do by providing the highest quality of standards, security and stability whilst adhering to unwavering ethics.


Our aim is to consistently perform with the most elevated levels of competence, commitment and seamless service delivery to our clients and colleagues.

Principled, selfless and respect-worthy of our stakeholders and even our competitors.  Our overall good moral standing in the community will set us apart.

To be a broadly accessible health funder that cares deeply and understands the core issues that keep customers, stakeholders and employees alike, content and greatly satisfied.

A commitment to endeavour to constanlty be in sync with the ever dynamic technolgies of the world that will ensure and certify Steward Health as a world class Health Funder

To be responsible, liable, and asnwerable to our clients and stakeholders